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Emergency Lights with Battery Backup

Emergency lights with battery backup refer to emergency lights that come with internal battery systems that provide operation power when AC power is lost. All emergency lights rely on battery backup systems. There are no battery operated emergency lights. During emergencies such as fires or earthquakes electrical power can be lost before patrons have had the opportunity to exit the building. A loss of light combined with possible smoke can make the environment difficult to navigate. Emergency lights illuminate. The battery backup system’s sole purpose is to provide reliable illumination for a minimum 90 minutes after power is lost. Battery backup systems are tested and certified for operational reliability by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Emergency lights with battery backups are required for buildings and facilities that do not have an emergency power generator.

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Thermoplastic emergency lights are the most popular type of fixture, combining affordability with reliability. Our ABS thermoplastic is flame-resistant up to 176ºF and offered in colors of black or white. All of our thermoplastic emergency lights come with push-to-test buttons and can be back-mounted to drywall and other types of surfaces. The EL-1 series features two 5.4-watt incandescent lamp heads that are easy to adjust and produce bright illumination. The M60 is a low profile thermoplastic emergency light with fixed mount lamps and a trapezoid design.

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Recessed emergency lights are the choice of architects and lighting designers because of their high-level aesthetic. We manufacture recessed emergency lights for installation into both drywall and suspended ceiling surfaces. The RMDEL features two MR16 lamps that are gyroscopically mounted. The CRMEL is the one lamp version of the RMDEL, and is design for installation into six-inch can housings. The CRMEL allows you to turn any standard six-inch can light into an emergency lighting fixture. For retail and commercial applications the MR series is a popular choice. Constructed from 20-gauge steel the MR series features two emergency lamp heads available in multiple wattages.

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All of our emergency lights with battery backup come complete with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We have knowledgeable technical service representatives standing by to help you find the right product for your application, so call us today.